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Drones? Not. The area is very extensive

Much has been said about the ability of drones to survey large areas.

There are people who in discussions say that it is impossible to survey a municipality with drones. As for example the municipality of Luanda or another Municipality using drones. And they say that for these cases only conventional flights should be used.

Técnico em campo operando drone da DJI, um Phanton Obsidian na zona da Boa Vista em Luanda-Angola
Uso de drones para o levantamento de uma zona

It should be noted that this is a debatable issue, because there are several cases in which companies used drones to carry out aerophotogrammetric surveys of large areas in extension using only fixed-wing drones. TOPOGIS, for example, in 2019 surveyed the area where the new provincial airport of Mbanza Kongo - Zaire will be, with an extension of 3,000 hectares.

GCP(Ground Control Points), a serem coordenados em campo usando recepro GPS Leica 1200
Coordenando pontos fotogramétrico

In addition, there is the case of a company in the United States of America that executed a work, using a fixed-wing drone, an area with an approximate extension of 266 km2 (the equivalent of 26,600 hectares).

Note that in this work they used a small drone from the Wingra brand, a drone with a flight autonomy of three hours. An extensive work that took them about 47 days, properly planned and coordinated Control Points (GCP, from the Portuguese PF - Photogrammetric Points), to better position the planimetry and altimetry of the generated models. Over the course of the work, more than 1,140 photographs were taken and processed in Pix4D, obtaining in the end, a result of 5cm spatial resolution.

By extension, and bringing the case here to Angola, it would be like raising the Municipality of Luanda and Cazenga twice.

Therefore, it is possible to survey large areas using drones such as those mentioned and everything will depend on the methodology created for the process.

Adapted from the Geominuto project.. Assistir vídeo deste tema

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By: Rosário Dilo


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