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Apps and tools ideal for spatial data collection

This article, is a reinforcement of the article about Garmin, PDA or Smartphones?

One of the applications that was said to be ideal for basic data collection is the GPS Status.

An ideal app when people don't need a form to collect data in the field. When opening it, it shows me the constellation of satellites and goes looking for the location and then shows me the coordinates of the point that can be in UTM or Geographic coordinates.

GPS Status, aplicativo para obter coordenadas em campo

Another application presented was ODK Collect, ideal when we need a more robust form that can be built in excel and converted into Xml that can be used in Odk Collect.

It allows us, in addition to entering data by writing, we can build a form with a choice, multiple choice, obtaining photos or video in the multimedia options, coordinates, and, the photos are usually obtained with geographic information (position where it was obtained) .

ODK Collect, colete dados SIG com formulários apropriados

Adapted from Geominuto: Assistir vídeo deste tema

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By: Rosário Dilo


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